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In this global world you can live anywhere and work everywhere. If you are relocating to the Denver area we would love to make your life easy. We will do everything from preview and videoing a home so you can filter out the ones that don’t suit your needs before you fly out to tour properties. We will show you the area, we will consider where your office will be and only show you homes in the right area for your commute. We will help coordinate your moving company. We will meet them at your new home on move in day. We will take care your move so you can focus on the rest!

Search for Your New Home

Search for homes for sale in the Denver, Evergreen, Morrison, Golden, Cherry Hills Village, Denver Foothills and any other city near Denver. We will then set up your instant property alerts. Then just contact us and we can preview the home for you or you can come out and see in person. Our Relo-Program

We will do all the work!

Experts in Relocation

The leading real estate company in the Denver and Denver Foothills area. Let us handle your relocation.

We Work for You

We work hard so you don't have to. We list your home or help you purchase your home so you can get started on the next chapter of your career. You do what you do best and we do what we do best.

Our Market is Hot

You don't need to be worrying about identifying, seeing, making an offer and moving in. You are too busy for that. Let us do all the work. This market is hot! You might miss that perfect home without the proper help.

Our Goal is the Key

It is our goal to get you in or out of your home at the best cost to you and as fast as possible. We can help you buy or sell your home. We have corporate listing fee discounts and for buyers we do all the work while you are away.

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Effective. Understanding.

Orson Hill Realty has been a leader in the real estate market in Denver, Denver Foothills and the Mountains for years. Our real estate agents know the area and the process of buying and selling your Colorado home. We are a Colorado based company and family owned and operated. We provide full real estate broker services as well as helping you settle in to your new home and community.

Making your Relocation a Breeze

This is the part that our corporate clients just love. Most of the time our relo services are included in our our normal cost. If you are using us on the buy side as long as the listing agent’s buyer commission is at least 2.8% our relocation services will cost you nothing. If the buyer agent co op is less you may need to make up the difference. In the sell side we charge 3% on the list then you also pay the buyer co op for any agent that brings the buyer (a standard commission set up in most areas)


the best option for relocation services in Denver

Cooperative. Detail Oriented.

When you are moving for work it is important that you are able to focus on work. Leave your moving up to the relocation experts at Orson Hill Realty. We do this stuff every single day. From showing you properties to to making and negotiating the contracts to buy and sell real estate we can help every step of the way. 

  • Selling your current home (if the current home is out of Colorado we will work within our vast network of other agents around the world and vet them to find the one that is the best fit): A relocation specialist will have a referral for a real estate agent to sell your home, even if you’ve already left the area.
  • Finding a moving company (many people believe all moving companies are created equal. This is not the case. If a buyer finds the wrong moving company it can make the move hell): Relocation companies refer a lot of clients to movers, so they can often get you a better deal than you’d find on your own. Just a little extra service we provide so you can focus on your new job and getting settled in.
  • Packing your things: Although we won’t help you move your flat screen and  box it up we will find people that will. Professionals that will take care of your property like it was their own. Have any items that require special care in moving? Need someone to pack and ship your things to you? Relocation specialists can find you the right help.
  • Finding a new home: This is obviously our specialty and where you find the greatest value of our relocation services. Whether you’re buying or renting, a specialist will put you in contact with a vetted real estate agent who is an expert in your area.
  • Navigating closing on a house: Even if you’ve bought a home before, the closing process can be radically different in different parts of the country. Some states use a lawyer to close while others don’t. Colorado does not use lawyers.  Our brokers are experts in Colorado real estate contracts. .
  • Finding the right school or child care provider: Generally, finding the right school district goes hand-in-hand with finding you a new home, but if you have a child with specific or special needs.
  • Shipping pets, especially internationally:  Since our spokesman is a dog named Awesome, you can be sure your pet is as much a priority as you are. Getting pets across borders can be complicated. Your specialist can find someone who will make sure Fido and Grumpy are well taken care of on their journey.
  • Shipping automobiles: They can help coordinate the process whether it’s cross-country or across the world
  • Tours and orientation: Along with your real estate agent, a relocation specialist can arrange for you to take a tour of your new home or give you the lowdown on all the fun stuff to do in the area.
  • Finding local service providers:  Our brokerage is very tied into our community and we can set you up with any type of service or professional you will need for the move and for the rest of your time in the area. Whenever you move, you have to find new doctors, dentists, tax professionals, legal professionals, babysitters, and just about everything else. A relocation specialist will have vetted referrals for all these people and be able to connect you.
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